About Usedwheelers

Usedwheelers is a super easy and fast way to set up a Website for your Dealership.

Our Mission

Usedwheelers's mission, with the help of Car Dealers all over the World, is to identify the online vehicle target market and constantly research and develop more functionality and services that will help you, effectively reach, engage and convert site visitors into high-quality leads.

Our Experience

Since 2011, Usedwheelers has assisted many leading car dealerships to launch and maintain a successful online presence. Through innovative thinking and robust coding techniques, we have developed a product that will make your Dealership stand out from the crowd.

Affordable Vehicle listing script

Our in-depth knowledge of the vehicle market, the love of cars, online marketing skills and design concepts, we are able to provide your car dealership with a complete vehicle listing website .

Our Accountability

Using the most measurable advertising medium available today, Usedwheelers can track, log and analyse the performance of every dealership website. We will assign a dedicated Account Manager, that will analyse the market and performance of every site and give it to you in an understandable format. Your account manager will also consult with you on new marketing strategies, notify you of new product releases, enhancements and security upgrades. While also standing by, to assist with any other query you might have.